The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

What the average person knows in the MCU:

Everyone in school grew up learning about Captain America. A war hero who volunteered to be used by science to become a super soldier and leader who was not only instrumental in stopping the second world war, but also gave his life to save his country from the Nazi science division know as HYDRA. He was an inspiration and icon with his own much smaller but just as adored statue on Liberty island, sitting in the vast shadow of the statue of liberty. Up until recent years, it all seemed like a quaint bit of American history.
Rumors occasionally circulated of the world’s governments using elite spies and secret weapons throughout the 70s and 80s during the cold war. Conspiracy theorists spoke of Red Room assassins from Russia and American shrinking technology being used to stop missiles, but no one took any of it seriously. The paranoids spoke of men in black, sweeping up the evidence and covering facts in order to keep the population in the dark. Most just regarded it as wild speculation and the longing for the heroic iconism of another Captain America.
After 9/11, America was in a full scale war on Terror and the name Stark Industries became as common as Lockheed or Boeing. Stark made all the best weapons and with the death of his parents, a young but ingenious MIT graduate, Tony Stark became the company’s CEO as an infamous playboy/ billionaire. The government vows to do WHATEVER it takes to insure America’s safety.
In 2003, what was dubbed the world’s most prolific and frenetic urban legend was born. In a bizarre story taking place at Culver University, Virginia, a giant green humanoid wrecks part of a lab building injuring a dozen people. Although denied by authorities and dubbed an equipment accident, the incident gains urban legend status and stories of a “Green Sasquatch” occasionally surface from all over North and South America as well as Northern Canada. The phenomenon continues until 2009 when the media shifts to the abduction of Tony Stark by the middle eastern terrorist group known as 10 Rings.

With the stage set, our whole world changes in 2010. Tony Stark frees himself by creating his own powered armor and wages a war on terrorists. His weaponized armor is so far ahead of its time that he is dubbed The Invincible Iron Man by the news and comes out publicly as a national hero that the media loves. The legend of the green giant is caught on video by a college student with a cell phone. In the video footage he calls the monster an incredible Hulk and the name sticks forever. Later that same year, the Hulk is filmed fighting another massive beast in Harlem and although a great deal of damage is done, it is clear that the Hulk was fighting for the safety of those caught in the catastrophe. Meanwhile in the southwest, an alien calling himself Thor arrives on earth and battles to save a small town from a 12’ alien robot. The organization called SHIELD steps out of the shadows to gain control of the situation, but now in the age of cell phones and Youtube, the cat is out of the bag. The world suddenly realizes that aliens and monsters are real and the cover up has been ongoing. A hacker group called the RISING TIDE dedicates itself to outing information and uncovers that the Hulk was actually created by a government funded program to reproduce the super soldier serum that created Captain America. The next year brings more fame and success to Iron Man as an iconic hero and the original Captain America is found frozen in ice and kept alive by the super serum in his blood. Two full years of amazement floods out of every television until the unthinkable happens.
The Battle of New York. An alien army invades New York in 2012, devastating the city and killing thousands. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk are joined by the SHIELD agents Black Widow and Hawkeye to repel the invasion. Their success as the Avengers changes the world forever.

Here is a Marvel Movie List of all the official marvel movies. Note that there are no x-men, spider-man or fantastic four movies here as they are owned by Sony and are not official marvel for this game.

NOTE: This does NOT mean that you can’t call your character a mutant or say that you came from Xaviers school. It only means we have no official history for them until Marvel owns the rights again.

A General History timeline of events can be found here. This is incomplete but goes up to the first season of Agents of SHIELD.

Our house rules on Magic are here, which better reflect the flavor of how magic is portrayed in the Marvel comics.

Official Full Chronology can be found here.

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