Magic is the practice of utilizing certain universal energies and extra-dimensional forces by virtue of will. Although the effects can often be measured by science, the underlying mechanic can not currently be detected by the sciences of most known sentient races. It is often used to simulate other powers, such as reality warping, mind control and elemental attacks.

The Skill of Ritualized Magic:
There are a number of magical traditions flavored by culture. (listed on your sheet under specialties as Witchcraft, Kabalistic, Masonic, Druidic, etc) This skill is the basis of magical power manipulation and works by using symbolic ritual to tap the subconscious and it’s subtle connection to this universal energy. With about 10 to 60 min of time a person with training in this skill can use ritual items and practices to set up a subtle chain of events or create magical assets or complications based off their level of skill.

Sources of Magical Power:
Accompanying the person’s skill at ritual magic, there are four areas from which magicians draw immediate powers to be used in a wide variety of ways.

Personal Energies – aka Mysticism. The use of mental, physical and spiritual powers. Mystics can use their own life force or the life force of others for a variety of effects including chi-manipulation, astral projection, spirit calling, increased physical prowess, healing, telepathy, mind control, etc. Failures with these powers can cause spiritual stress.

Ambient Magical Energy of the Universe – aka Sorcery. Sorcerers can use this energy to guide, control and change the understood forces of science. They can have effects such as teleportation, conjuring physical items, transmutation of matter and the projection of energy bolts or elemental attacks. Failures with these powers can be physically devastating.

Extradimensional Magical Energy – aka Pacts. Powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in other magical dimensions that have their own physical and magical laws. Examples of its use could include reality shaping, summoning demons or magical creatures and the channeling of forces alien to this dimension. (darkforce, hellfire, divine light, ect) Unlike the first two areas of power, the entities invoked generally have a say in how or if the power is used and sometimes exact a cost. Use of this power often requires a pact with said entity in advance. Failure with these powers can cause the magician to be swept away in the backdraft of energy and be shifted to the entity’s dimension of origin.

Enchanted Items – Immediate magical effects may also come in the form of physical items imbued with power through a prior cast ritual. Magicians who rely on this technique entirely and are referred to as Hedge-mages. These items have the advantage of being able to be given to those who are unskilled in a magical practice but, like any gear, can be dropped. Powerful other dimensional entities sometimes create very potent items called Artifacts that can influence a weak willed person who uses its power.

Players who use magic should name their specialty based on their personal tradition, ie Witchcraft Expert D8, and then list Mysticism, Sorcery and Pacts under their magical power set. Different flavors of magician can be gained depending on where they get most of their powers and you can take a D4 in an area that you choose not to use. (showing that you COULD do it, but its dangerous)

Stunts may include the use of magical chants, use of ritual items and the invocation of specific entities names.

Magic Items can be listed as equipment with the gear limitation or acquired as resources as normal rules permit.


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